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Haunted In New England is headquartered in New Hampshire and was founded in 2013. However, all of our investigators and researches have been in the field for many years working in different paranormal venues. Haunted In New England is a group of paranormal researchers and investigators seeking to prove the existence of life after death and helping those who are troubled or inquisitive about experiences they suspect may be paranormal. We not only handle cases in NH, but, we investigate throughout New England and beyond. Our services are always FREE of charge.

As investigators our main goal is to assist our clients. We investigate a wide-variety of locations: private homes, business, forts, libraries, historical locations, and cemeteries, to name a few. We can investigate just about any location. Our researchers and investigators use the latest scientific methods and technologies to contribute to the field of paranormal research. With commitment to our clients and dedication to our peers in the field of paranormal research, we take great pride in our motto: Real Stories, Real People, Nothing Scripted

One of our main agendas is to seek for the rational and objective causes first for any anomalies thought to be paranormal. We do not "jump to conclusions" that everything is paranormal. The most rewarding part of our service is to educate our clients about their own experiences, to provide rational approaches to their circumstances, and to leave them feeling empowered by what they have learned. If anything scientific i s captured - we will share those results to the client.

As a team, we are a diverse and experienced group of proficient researchers and investigators who bring individual expertise and challenging perspectives to this field. We are a specialized group of uniquely trained and highly dedicated investigators of the paranormal. Depending on the case, we may at times bridge the gap between spirituality and science. Because we believe you need balance, we may merge mediumship and technology together. We use highly sensitive recording devices and video equipment in an attempt to capture scientific evidence of supernatural and paranormal activity and may use mediums and sensitive's to compliment the investigation. Every case is unique and therefore, handled differently.

In an event where children are involved, then that case becomes our priority. We will not provoke because we understand our clients still have to live in the location after we leave. We also find education is extremely important. We provide a multitude of lectures and teaching sessions to the public. Haunted In New England is here to help you.